The Networking Advantage You Need To Know About

Episode 17

Listen in to this week’s episode of Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets, where Frank Garay is joined by guest, Mike Cardascia, a top mortgage strategist and accelerator of coolness over at Mortgage Marketing Animals. 

Today, Mike shares with Frank a way to outreach to your community that is untapped for use in the business world. It’s amazing all the cool things that he does within this website called 

He explains how he went from a nobody that nobody knew, to somewhat of a local celebrity who is known for connecting people within groups that interest them – making him the go to guy.  He goes into detail on how this can help you as a loan officer and how you can incorporate this strategy into your arsenal of marketing tools.

Check it out:

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Be “In the Know” While This Does The Work

Episode 15

On this episode of Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets, your host Frank Garay, share some great info about Altos Research. Altos Research is an amazing and easy to use tool that displays real time real estate data in your local market via a beautiful landing page.

It allows your consumers or realtor partners to easily subscribe, meaning they put in their info just like that and your campaigns are set into motion!  

Once again this is a Frank Garay “2 thumbs up” product as not only is he a fan, but an actual user!  

Tune in to hear several ways you can make use of this data!

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>Win Business with Market Data

Brenda Garay’s Live Real Estate Market Reports for Vacaville, CA

The Easiest and Most Mobile Friendly POS system for Loan Officers

Episode 14

Welcome to Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets. Today, your always energetic and fun host, Frank Garay, is joined by Dru Brents, CEO of 

Technology sure has its way of making things pretty smooth sometimes, and this is definitely one of those times. Dru gives us the rundown on this incredibly easy system that is today’s easiest & most mobile friendly Point-Of-Sale system in the mortgage industry. 

This system allows you to originate the deal, run credit, workup loan estimates, co-brand with your agents and most importantly, it’s all mobile friendly so clients can start engaging with you right from their phone.  

Give this a try and we’ll even provide a nice discount. Use code MMA.

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