The Unfair Advantage of Community in Lending

Episode 46

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, your host Frank Garay shares why being part of a community in the mortgage industry is vital.

It’s vital if you’re in this industry in a serious way. There are notable advantages to being part of a genuine community. Today I go over several reasons to get involved with a community-based coaching group. Tune in and let it sink in.

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For goodness sake, have a little enthusiasm will ya’?

Episode 45

On this episode of Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, Frank Garay has Lisa Stepp on, a coach with Mortgage Marketing Animals. 

Listen in as Lisa shares her get it done attitude and why this outlook can help you succeed in this market. Nothing will get a “no” faster than a lack of enthusiasm in a conversation. Being enthusiastic is simply a choice.  Lisa is one of the most enthusiastic people we know.  She’s gone through a lot in her life recently, and she has reasons to not be enthusiastic that go far beyond high rates! 

Come on, join us on this podcast and let’s get after it!

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Yes – You can get business from producing Realtors and technically, it’s EASY

Episode 44

On this podcast episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer, we do sort of a follow-up interview with Kyron Stokes. 

If you have time before this, go listen to the Loan Officer Freedom Podcast episode #266. On that podcast we learn how this very new loan officer is doing better than many seasoned pros by following a simple plan. 

On this episode that is a follow-up to that, we take a deeper dive into some of the points previously discussed that we felt could be explored further. Both of these episodes mentioned are excellent for both new loan officers trying to get started and seasoned loan officers who feel they need to re-evaluate what they’re doing. 

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How One LO is closing 20+ Loans a Month in 2022

Episode 43

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast with your host Frank Garay, you’ll hear how one seasoned loan officer has laid a strong foundation of referral partners that have driven his best months ever. 

Meet Jim Driscoll, a 29-year veteran, who only a short six months ago had a negligible pipeline and only 6 Realtors that were hardly feeding him enough business.  

Now, after committing to putting plans and processes into action, he has 53 Realtors feeding him business and he closed 27 loans in September. Jim is having a killer October too. 

Want to learn how he did it?  Hit the play button and grab your notepad.

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