How to keep your realtors from cheating on you!

Episode 29

Learning what your agents want from you is fairly easy, but many loan officers don’t do these 3 things for some reason. 

Today, your host, Frank Garay, experienced in both mortgage and real estate, will make sure you know exactly how to take these 3 simple steps so you can convert more of your referral partner leads, get more referrals from your partners, and build a wall around them that other LOs won’t be able to get through. 

Ready to stand apart from other loan officers not taking advantage of these easy steps ensuring a strong referral? Then, you’ve got to listen in to hear Frank’s most effective 3 tips.  

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Rock The Score

Episode 28

On this episode of Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast with Frank Garay, you’ll come along to explore a gadget that has huge potential for you and your realtor partners.  In this interview, we learn from Rock the Score owners, Peter Wright and Tom Beck, how they help low, or no FICO buyers get their rental payments to be reported on to the Credit Bureaus in such a way that the rating is even recognized by your automated approval systems.  

Good stuff and its dirt cheap to boot!  Tune in and enjoy!

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From “Ralphs” to Riches

Episode 27

Welcome back to another episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast hosted by Frank Garay, bringing you the latest gizmos, gadgets & more!

Today we talk with Stephen Moye, a loan originator out of San Diego, who has been in the mortgage industry since 1996.  

Starting off as a grocery store clerk to now a mortgage industry guru who has made both the Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Executive Monthly top originators list in 2020 and 2021. 

Stephen is on track to repeat the business he did last year and has some great tips for us in going forward in a bold way.  He is worth listening to for sure! Tune in to hear how he stands by his mindset of “selling the next deal.” 

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“Stick your head in the sand and follow the plan”

Episode 26

Welcome back to another episode of Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, with your host Frank Garay. 

Today, Frank explains that the time is now to welcome the shift in the market, not worry about it.  It was only 2 months ago that we were all wishing there was less buyer competition and more inventory. 

Now that loan officers are here, it seems like some have forgotten what they were wishing for. The shift in the market has exposed our problem, mainly because we either don’t have a plan at all, or the plan we thought we had simply doesn’t work. 

There’s never been a better time to ignore the news and work a solid plan. So, let’s stick our head in the sand and follow the plan.

Let’s hop on a call here and set a plan in motion for you.

Listing Booster 2.0 Now with Built-In VA Calls to Your Agents

Episode 25

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, Frank Garay is joined by Kevin Bilberry with Listing Booster 2.0. 

Many times, as loan officers, we pay for a product and begin to implement it for a certain amount of time and then we get busy, and it drops off our to-do list. 

But – with this program, the problem is solved. Get this, when you sign up, it includes Virtual Assistant calls to reach out to the real estate agents and engage with referral partners for you. That means you can pay for this product and be confident in knowing that the effort won’t drop off. Implementation of a product you pay for as a loan officer is so critical.  Welcome to Listing Booster 2.0 – Tune in to see how it works.  

And the best part is…if you’re part of Mortgage Marketing Animals, you get a discount using the code:  MMA – your membership will be verified, and you’ll be good to go!

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Designed Conversations That Work

Episode 24

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, Frank Garay is joined by Steve Kyles, a top producing branch manager and a partner here with The Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program.

Steve is known as “the master of scripting” throughout the mortgage industry. He refers to these scripts as “designed conversations” since they are created to be real and effective in communicating with realtors and clients. Tune in to hear how Steve goes about designing these amazing conversations that deserves every originator’s attention.

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2 Short Hours. That’s It

Episode 23

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, your host Frank Garay, gets the scoop on how to overcome call reluctance by talking to the master of outbound calls, Scott Hudspeth.

If you’ve ever struggled with making those phone calls, today is the day to listen in and hear how you can make 2 short hours per day to have short conversations with people you actually like – work wonders for the growth of your mortgage business.

Yup, that’s it. Just 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, is all it takes to accomplish more than you could ever imagine in this business.  

Seems like it should be easy, but for some reason many of us struggle with it.  Today, you’ll hear from the master of phone calls, Scott Hudspeth.  So far this year, May 2022, Scott has made 3,780 outbound calls and has had 1,088 conversations.  There is no one in this industry that Frank believes is better than Scott at consistently making outbound sales calls.  Tune in to hear all about Scott’s strategy.

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Building Blocks for Increasing Your Audience

Episode 22

Welcome to what was originally Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets – and is now ‘Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast.’ I’m so excited to be able to share not only gizmos and gadgets for loan officers, but also SO much more!

Today, we talk about how building an audience can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  You just need the right strategy and the right resources to make it quick and easy.  The benefits of not only building a new audience, but even more importantly, building upon your existing audience are off the charts.  

My guest, Stefan Lubinski with Audience Builders, goes into detail on how to get it done.  He shows us how one single piece of content can cover an entire week of mortgage loan officer marketing that helps develop strong relationships that provide us revenue for years to come.  

Tune into this one, you’ll be glad you did. 

If you need help with building upon your existing audience, here’s a link to schedule your free call to map that out. 

Info from this podcast:

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Unplug & Unwind to Be Better

Episode 21

In this episode of the Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast with your host Frank Garay, you’ll hear from special guest, Scott Hudspeth, who shares his ‘aha’ moment that came about on his recent 2-week vacation. Hear how he truly learned the importance of unplugging for the betterment of his business and home life. 

When we allow ourselves to back away from the technologies of today for a refreshing realization of just the moment itself, it brings a sense of awareness. Much needed feelings of awareness that bring rejuvenation to our lives and let the people around us know that they are important. 

What this also means is that when us as loan officers are still in the thick of things with struggling to always be answering the phones, keeping connected at all hours, putting out fires single handedly, there ARE actions we can take to be able to unplug and be in these moments. Tune in to learn what they are…

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Business Focused Texting

Episode 20

On this episode of Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets, Frank Garay is joined by Nathan Lafferty with “Hey Market”, a fantastic mortgage business focused texting platform that allows the loan officer’s entire team to be part of any text communications with your referral partners and clients. 

No matter where the team may be — in office or working off site, this tool is ideal for keeping everyone in the loop with the client’s transaction progress and allows each team member to chime in for their respective roles.

Nathan and Frank discuss the many ways this gadget can be used not only with clients and lead campaign set up, but it also serves as a team coordination tool that keeps everyone in the loop. 


For 20% discount:

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