Show Up Like a Friend

Episode 11

Today on Loan Officer Gizmos and Gadgets, hosted by Frank Garay, special guest Rachael Tresch, a business development specialist with Annie Mac shares her new favorite gizmo. Frank met Rachael last week at the Freedom Club event in Orlando hosted by the Mortgage Marketing Animals

In addition to the BombBomb tool that Frank talked about in a previous podcast, he now has knowledge, thanks to Rachael, about another incredible video, text, and email tool called Dubb. 

Rachael brings to light how sometimes when you say something through text or email, it doesn’t get received the way you intended. That is why sending personalized video messages is so effective in your communication. The way you start a relationship will be the foundation upon how strong it becomes.

Dubb allows you to customize the look with your logo and brand colors, as well as giving you the option to provide a link to the viewer for a CTA (call to action). 

Find out by listening to this week’s podcast how Rachel uses this to deliver everything nice and neat and tied up in a pretty bow.  

Gizmos/Gadgets from today’s episode…

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