FYI – It’s Best to Start at the Beginning

Episode 69

In this episode, I personally get very transparent about my re-entry into the mortgage business as a street-level loan officer. Spoiler alert, it’s not going as easy as I thought it would.

I think that this podcast is great for newer originators that are looking to start adding team members, and it’s also a very good podcast for those, like me, who have been at this for decades. What a humbling experience this has been for me. But even though it’s been humbling, it’s been exciting at the same time.

The good news is, I’ve got this. So please tune in and let me share my journey with you. As I progress along, I’ll continue to document my new venture into a space that I’ve occupied for over 30 years. In the end, I WILL leave a wonderful legacy for my children – watch me.

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